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Teleprompting services for NJ, NYC, PA, CT


Services and Gear

Our teleprompters are customized to our own specifications to handle pretty much any teleprompting need.

As we have mentioned, we specialize in teleprompting so we know our gear inside and out...because we designed it.

Our teleprompters also have the ability to display powerpoint presentations.

Our all inclusive teleprompting package comes with a teleprompter ready for freestanding or camera mount and an operator for up to 10 hours. We always come equipped with a back up teleprompter system. Please see below for a more detailed description of our teleprompters

Freestanding/Camera Mount Prompter

Our most popular teleprompter to use on shoots. You've most likely seen one of these in front of a camera while watching the news. The teleprompter has a monitor base and reflects the words onto a specially treated angled piece of glass so only the speaker sees the words while the camera is able to shoot through it without interference.

Freestanding prompters can be moved off camera or to the side for that dramatic "off camera" shot. Camera mounted prompters are attached to the tripod or dolly head or jib and move freely with the camera.

We come prepared with both options to our shoots, because you never know what could happen.

We have different sizes to meet all of your teleprompting needs:
19" free standing or camera mounted option
17" free standing or camera mounted option
15" free standing or camera mounted option
9" CRT
7" camera mounted/hand held
6" camera mounted/hand held

Our handheld systems has the option of battery operation.

Presidential/public speaking prompter

Despite being made famous by our last few presidents (no, that's not bulletproof glass), these teleprompters have been around for quite a while and are frequently used for live events, public speaking or when a speech needs to be made.

Unlike our freestanding/camera mounted prompter, presidential prompters have their monitors hidden in their base while the script is reflected on the glass, which is raised to eye line for the speaker, allowing them to read their script while addressing the audience and maintaining eye contact.  


The newest trend in teleprompting systems. Mostly used for interviews where your subject needs to be looking into the camera to carry on a conversation. An interrotron is a two prompter system where the image of the interviewer (or director) will be projected onto the glass of the other teleprompter and vice versa so they can have a line of sight conversation with each other. 

Now here is the truth about the interrotron system-some people would like to tell you that it's something other than a teleprompter and even give specific model names and charge exorbanant fees for using one but the truth is that an interrotron is blanket name for a two prompter visual video system. There are no special makes or models out there so don't be fooled by someone charging an arm and leg for what you may think is a brand name.

Any one of our teleprompting systems (in any combination) can be set up as an interrotron system at a reasonable price. For more information, please contact us and tailor a system for your specific shoot needs.

In addition, we also have free standing monitors in various sizes, if you need to display the script in off camera locations.