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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sometimes, you may have some questions, which is expected. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received. Should you have any additional questions-feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to answer them!

What is a Teleprompter? Do I really need one for my shoot?
A teleprompter is piece of equipment used to help the person in front of the camera read a script. The teleprompter displays the script via scrolling text (similar to credits at the beginning of Star Wars). As the text is read by the person in front of the camera, the teleprompter operator controls the speed of the script and rate of delivery of the person speaking as they are trained in following speech patterns.

Teleprompters are not just for commercials or movies, they can also be used for live events and speaking in front of an audience. Anytime you have a long list of things that you need to cover when speaking, a teleprompter is helpful in making your speech or film shoot a quick and painless one.

Using a teleprompter in your next shoot has many benefits:

  • It streamlines and reduces shoot production costs by making it easier to get that perfect "take". When you are working with deadlines and budgets, you want them met without issue.
  • Scripts do not need to be memorized or rehearsed prior to filming. It eliminates cumbersome paper notes or cue cards. Everything can be put into the prompter and read with ease and confidence.
  • Long, detailed scripts or speeches are delivered consistently and with precision.
  • It helps the presenter/talent maintain eye contact with their audience and feel comfortable speaking, giving the presenter/talent the ability to focus on their delivery and style when speaking.

Why should I choose NJPrompter for my teleprompting needs?
Simply put-we are experts in teleprompting and we absolutely love what we do. Also, this is all we do-no side jobs here. We specialize only in teleprompting so you know that we're fast, accurate, on cue, professional and always ready.

We're familiar with the ins and outs of media production and know that when you are on a budget and are working with deadlines, you want your shoot to run smooth and problem free. When you hire us, you will get that. Professional, experienced, and personalized sevice for your teleprompting needs. Also, we are very friendly and personable so that helps too.

What kind of teleprompters do you have?
We pretty much have every style of teleprompter however a listing of what kind of teleprompters we have available can be found here in our "Services and Gear "page. If there is something you don't see, or have a special request, feel free to contact us and ask.

What is included in your services?
Our services include a complete teleprompter package with operator for up to 10 hours. We always come prepared with a complete backup set, though we rarely ever need it. Our "Services and Gear" page has a more detailed outline on what we offer. Should you have a specific request, let us know!

How do I book your services?
You can either email us at, call us at 201-972-5355 or use the contact form that is found on our contact page and tell us what your teleprompting needs are. We're more than happy to chat!

Are there any additional costs that I should be aware of?
Our rate includes teleprompter, operator, and transportation (gas and tolls) however Parking costs are additional and will be included in the invoice. More details can be found in our "Services and Gear" page.